• Once again Governor McAuliffe has vetoed the Tebow bill, introduced by Delegate Rob Bell, that would have allowed homeschooled students to play in public school sports.  Does the Governor not realize homeschoolers save the taxpayers money because the schools do not have to educate those children but their parents pay the same taxes as the rest of us? Why shouldn’t their children at least be able to play sports with the other children in their towns?  It’s disgraceful that the Governor continues to support the educrats over Virginia’s children.  Just one more reason why we must elect a Republican Governor this year. More on the story here. 

  • After 30 years in the House of Delegates, with 15 years as Speaker, Bill Howell will not run again this year.  He is retiring as the second longest serving Speaker in the history of the House of Delegates. It’s likely Howell will be succeeded by House Majority Leader M. Kirkland Cox, (R-Colonial Heights). More here. 

  • We previously wrote about Senator Wagner’s transportation tax bill, SB 1456, which would increase gas taxes in Northern Virginia and Tidewater.  We are happy to report that although the bill passed in the Senate, 26 to 12 it has been tabled on a voice vote in the House finance committee.  For the second year in a row, Wagner fails to raise our gas taxes!

  • Democrats have been debating for months over who will take over the reigns of the party.  Democrats have been without a party leader since last fall when Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to step down followed by the resignation of Donna Brazile.  The leading contender to chair the Democrat party, Keith Ellison, the most far left candidate, and some say anti-Semitic candidate, has been racking up endorsements.  Now he has earned the endorsement of David Duke.  Yes, that David Duke, the one we heard so much about during the Trump campaign.  More the endorsement here. 

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