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  • BIG ENDORSEMENT FOR CYNTHIA DUNBAR.  The candidate for RNC National Committeewoman today received support from Ron Paul in an email sent out to his Virginia supporters.  If you’re running for an office elected at a statewide convention, getting this kind of endorsement is a huge boost.  Dr. Paul’s email is below:

    My Fellow lovers of liberty, 

    I have spent my life fighting for Liberty. In this day and age of meaningless political rhetoric, true leaders are hard to find. It is for both of these reasons that I place my full support behind Cynthia Dunbar. 

    I do not give my endorsement freely. Cynthia has earned my respect and support. She has shown herself to be a true lover of Liberty, as well as a fearless leader. She, like I, is not afraid to stand alone to do what is right. 

    I am encouraging all liberty loving patriots to actively support Cynthia Dunbar. Please make sure you timely file to be a delegate to the State Convention which will be in Harrisonburg, VA on April 30th. If you do not know when your filing deadline is for your county, please contact info@cynthianolanddunbar.com. It is important that we work together to elect Cynthia Dunbar as National Committeewoman. She will be a strong voice  to restore our nation. 

    Keeping the fight, 

    Dr. Ron Paul

  • The Virginia State Board of Elections has agreed to RPV’s request to rescind the ballot pledge.  As requested by the Republican Party of Virginia, the State Board of Elections has agreed to remove the Republican loyalty pledge from the primary ballot on March 1st.  According to John Findlay, Executive Director of RPV, any absentee ballots already submitted will be counted, including those submitted without the pledge.

    RPV issued this statement,

    “With the conversation about the Statement of Affiliation behind us, we can fully turn our attention to the pressing matter at hand: the March 1 GOP Primary,” said RPV Chairman John Whitbeck. “RPV is pleased that the State Board of Elections voted to rescind the Statement of Affiliation and we look forward to record turnout and tremendous enthusiasm for our candidates come Super Tuesday.”

    More here and here.

  • The Tebow Bill has again passed both the House of Delegates and the State Senate. The bill, so named for the pro football and homeschooler Tim Tebow, which would allow students who are home schooled to participate n public school sports.  Every year Delegate Rob Bell introduces the bill in the House.  The bill easily passes the House and this year it passed the Senate 22-17 with two Democrats joining the Republicans in support of the bill.  More on the story here and here.  The bill now moves to the Governor for his signature.  Let him know you want him to sign the bill this year!

  • Bill to allow registration by political party for primary elections moves forward in Richmond.  SB650 made it out of committee on a party line vote, with Republicans supporting the bill and Democrats opposing it.  The bill now goes to the Finance committee.  Also in Richmond Chap Petersen’s bill SB686 to ban party pledges in primary elections also advanced.  More here.

  • THE BUSH DYNASTY IS OVER.  There is lots to be said about the outcome of the caucuses tonight in Iowa, but one thing stands out: Jeb Bush got just about 3%.  That’s really pathetic.  He’s done, even if he achieves a middling result in New Hampshire.

  • Trump has the highest unfavorable ratings of any candidate, with 60% of voters viewing him unfavorably.  That is the highest unfavorable rating ever recorded. Hillary isn’t too far behind Trump with 52% of the voters having an unfavorable opinion of her.  Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have the lowest unfavorable ratings of any 2016 candidates. How can any candidate win the Presidency when over 50% of the voters have an unfavorable opinion of him/her? More from Gallup.com. 

  • Trump Doubles Down on Universal Health Care Support – One day before the Iowa caucus, Donald Trump, the supposed only hope of fixing all the problems foisted upon America by the liberal Democrats and GOP establishment, has once again declared his support for the liberal’s signature issue…universal health care.

    In an interview this morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Trump declared his support for government run universal health care and said the reason Ted Cruz doesn’t support it is because “he’s got no heart.”  Universal health care would be even more disastrous than Obamacare.

    Still think he’s going to build that wall and cut of the source of the H1-B and H2-B visa workers he hires instead of Americans?  If so I have some beach-front property in Iowa to sell you.


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