It came as no surprise when the Washington Post endorsed Mark Warner for Senate but some of their reasons were laughable. The Post sees a candidate who opposes tax increases as a Senator who won't 'compromise'. The Post's message seems to be 'vote for Mark Warner because he'll raise your taxes and Ed Gillespie won't'. Great message to voters. The National Review explains it well.  [caption id="attachment_8480" align="aligncenter" width="500"]The President and his Virginia Handmaiden The President and his Virginia Handmaiden[/caption]

Despite wild speculation to the contrary (as a means to interrupt the growing narrative that Ed Gillespie has made a competitive race out of his bid to unseat Mark Warner), the Gillespie campaign has released a hard-hitting new ad about Mark Warner's involvement in the #BRIBESTORM scandal where he offered a federal judgeship for Sen. Phil Puckett's daughter in exchange for official acts by Puckett.     This is really effective, and hits at exactly the portion of the electorate Gillespie needs: those voters who might otherwise vote Republican but who, for whatever reason, have an affinity for the fake centrism of Mark Warner.  More of this please!(more...)