• The Washington Post has written their version of what will happen at the Republican State Convention this weekend when 13 more delegates to the National Convention will be chosen.  Read the article here. 

  • On Tuesday Donald Trump won every single county in all five states.  How sad is that?

    Details here. 

  • Latest Delegate Counts as of April 30:

    Trump 997
    Cruz 566
    Kasich  153

    Clinton 2,183
    Sanders 1,406

    More here and here. 

  • FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF UNEXPECTED ALLIANCES:  2013 GOP Lieutenant Governor nominee E.W. Jackson has announced his endorsement of Sen. Jill Vogel (R-Fauquier) to be the 2017 nominee.  In his announcement, Jackson describes Vogel as “a thoughtful advocate of Constitutional principles” and a leader “on issues that matter to conservatives,” before conceding that he and Vogel “might not always agree.”  Anticipating some of the reaction his endorsement might elicit among supporters, Jackson acknowledges that “[n]ot all of my friends think it is a smart political move.”  The complete text of the endorsement can be found here.