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Senator Wagner doubles down on voter exclusion

You have GOT to read this ridiculous email message from Senator Wagner yesterday: “I don’t want no veterans, no minorities, and no grassroots activists at the 2nd District GOP convention Saturday! There is ‘small band’ (of actually HUNDREDS) of Republicans who have the audacity to fight back and appeal our effort to slate them and…


Republicans Winning Medicaid Expansion Standoff

Republicans look poised to win the public relations battle on the budget, but Terry McAuliffe may yet walk away with a very expensive consolation prize.

Shak Hill Family

Let’s Play “Guess the Politician”!

Who is this politician and why did he send this picture to voters?


Best Endorsement of the Year!

Ken Cuccinelli makes an endorsement this election season. It’s not what you think. The former Attorney General and candidate for Governor gives a shout out to The Bull Elephant.

Attorney General Mark Herring

AG Mark Herring Violated His Official and Ethical Duty

AG Mark Herring took an oath to defend the Virginia Constitution, and had a duty under law to defend the Marriage Amendment or to appoint someone who would.

Handley Library, Winchester

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The 10th District Firehouse Primary

Details on the 10th district Firehouse Primary. #VA10


Eric Cantor makes Drudge Report – but not in a good way!

Conservatives are upset with Eric Cantor over a litany of issues: sneaking a Medicare vote through the House by a voice vote THAT EXPANDED OBAMACARE, supporting an anti-conservative PAC that is funded by unions, partnering with Democrat Maxine Waters on a flood insurance bill opposed by conservatives, crafting his own version of the DreamAct amnesty bill for illegal immigrants, voting for a debt ceiling vote increase that few of his Republican colleagues voted for, and shepherding through with the help of Democrats one of the the biggest cronyism projects – the Import/Export Bank.

Susan Stimpson

Susan Stimpson endorses Bob Marshall

Susan Stimpson, the past Chairman of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors, and a candidate last year for Lt. Governor, has endorsed Bob Marshall for the 10th Congressional seat being vacated by Republican Frank Wolf.

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America Endorse Delegate Bob Marshall

Bob Marshall scores another big endorsement.


POLL RESULTS: Who’s Your Pick in the 10th District?

The big day is approaching in the 10th. Who’s your pick? Vote in The Bull Elephant’s poll: Six candidates enter, One candidate leaves.

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