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Recent reports regarding unaccompanied minors crossing the border illegally suggest that Northern Virginia is the final destination for many, and that the federal government has set up a system that encourages illegal immigration of minor children. 2013_holiday_card Source. (8/5/2014) Virginia: the final destination?

“The Washington, D.C., region is drawing a number of the children caught illegally crossing the border because it is home to an estimated 165,000 Salvadoran immigrants, the nation's second-largest population after the Los Angeles area's 275,000, according to the Migration Policy Institute. The capital region had 42,000 immigrants from Guatemala and 30,000 from Honduras.” Source. (more...)

Last winter I comforted myself with the thought that we would never again have a winter as cold with as much snowfall.  Loudoun County students missed 14 days of school!  (Fortunately they have an unlimited number of snow days.) Now I read that our kids could miss even more days in the coming winter!  The coming winter may be even worse than last year.   First Hand Weather has published their winter forecast by region: (more...)

In my last post I wrote about Senator Warner's wealth, estimated to be between a quarter and a half a billion.   I have since learned that he's not even close to being the wealthiest Virginian.  That would be Jacqueline Mars whose wealth is estimated at  $20 billion.  Mars is an heir to the Mars Candy Company fortune.  She lives in The Plains in Fauquier county. blog has a fun, interactive, map of the wealthiest person in each state. Click to enlarge. wealthiest-person-by-state-map