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Bryan Baquer

Bryan Baquer Conservative Candidate for Virginia Senate District 29

Bryan Baquer running for Chuck Colgan’s seat in the 29th.


Where Americans Donate VS Diseases That Kills Us

Where we donate and what diseases kill the most Americans.

Snow graphs

Winter 2014-2015 Weather Forecasts by State and Canada

Another bad winter on the way for most of the country, including Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland.


Frank Wolf, the Unlikely Warrior

“…I have come to the House floor to ask…Is anybody listening?” The dirty little secret in Washington is that when most members of Congress leave office, very few people notice and even fewer people care. That’s not the case with Frank Wolf, the Northern Virginia Congressman who is retiring at the end of this session… (more)

McDonnell transportation tax

McDonnell Trial Enters Fifth week, Live Updates WTVR

My feelings about the former Governor who once held so much promise.

father wayne

“Homophobic” ex-governor seeks advice and assistance from gay priest, the left somehow thinks this is a bad thing

Today, the left took an act of compassion and did their best to alienate those they hope to convince on the issue of gay rights. Even if former Governor McDonnell is found not guilty in another week and a half he has suffered greatly through this trial, and in his personal life. Governor McDonnell has… (more)

Barbara Comstock

10th District GOP slams Foust for demeaning remarks about Comstock

Yesterday, The Bull Elephant reported how John Foust, Democrat candidate for the 10th District Congressional seat, made a sexist remark about his opponent Barbara Comstock, saying that she had never had a “real job.” Foust made his remarks despite Comstock’s well-known career of “real jobs,” including not only highly challenging jobs in which she excelled… (more)

Bob McDonnell

Bob McDonnell’s Sad Letter To His Wife

Evidence supporting the “clueless defense”.

John Foust

John Foust says Barbara Comstock has never had a “real job”

I’ll just come out and say it: John Foust is a sexist jerk. The latest installment? Foust says his opponent for the 10th District Congressional seat, Barbara Comstock, has never had a “real job.” That’s right…the lawyer who mothered her kids while she attended law school at Georgetown, the former Justice Department official and senior… (more)

Bob McDonnell, Maureen McDonnell

Bob McDonnell and Wife Not Living Together–Marriage Is ‘On Hold’

Tune in for the latest installment of the new hit Soap Opera, “As The Marriage Fails”.