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Eric Cantor makes Drudge Report – but not in a good way!

Conservatives are upset with Eric Cantor over a litany of issues: sneaking a Medicare vote through the House by a voice vote THAT EXPANDED OBAMACARE, supporting an anti-conservative PAC that is funded by unions, partnering with Democrat Maxine Waters on a flood insurance bill opposed by conservatives, crafting his own version of the DreamAct amnesty bill for illegal immigrants, voting for a debt ceiling vote increase that few of his Republican colleagues voted for, and shepherding through with the help of Democrats one of the the biggest cronyism projects – the Import/Export Bank.

Susan Stimpson

Susan Stimpson endorses Bob Marshall

Susan Stimpson, the past Chairman of the Stafford County Board of Supervisors, and a candidate last year for Lt. Governor, has endorsed Bob Marshall for the 10th Congressional seat being vacated by Republican Frank Wolf.

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America Endorse Delegate Bob Marshall

Bob Marshall scores another big endorsement.


Poll: Who’s Your Pick in the 10th District?

The big day is approaching in the 10th. Who’s your pick? Vote in The Bull Elephant’s poll: Six candidates enter, One candidate leaves.


Dilatory Silliness at Virginia Beach Slating Contest

Rather than lose an up-or-down vote on a challenge to his slating in Virginia Beach last month, committee Chairman Ken Longo presided over a farce last night.


Insane in the Ukraine

The Western-engineered violent coup in Ukraine was disturbing enough in that it represented an almost autonomic act by NATO intelligence agencies: find a non-Western-aligned nation, overthrow its government, replace with a friendly regime. If there is a grand strategy behind this action, it is yet to be revealed to the public. It almost seemed as…

Undocumented Democrats

Common Sense on Immigration

The so-called “immigration reform debate” ignores the real issue. Let’s start with what most people can agree on. Virtually everyone favors legal immigration, although we could debate the details. Most people also agree that we are not going to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants that are here now.

Bob and Cathy Marshall 2

Bob Marshall–The Best 10th District Mailer

Delegate Bob Marshall has the best mailer in the 10th district primary election.

Goodnight Moon Peeps

Happy Easter! The Peeps’ Contest Results are In!

The Winners of the Peeps Diorama Contest have been decided!

You lie, I hate liars

The Elusive Rob Wasinger Lies to Voters

Rob Wasinger lies in robocall to voters.

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