The Budget’s Back: GA debating Medicaid alongside the budget, again.

The special session of the Virginia legislature being reconvened this week has always been billed as the time when legislators would finally have a fair and open debate on Medicaid expansion without being held hostage to the budget. Now, we've learned that a new budget bill amending the budget just passed in June will be a key part of the debate when the special session reopens later this week. (more...)


Great news for Virginia!  No budget shortfall!

The $2.4 billion shortfall that Governor Terry McAuliffe announced a few weeks ago is vanishing among positive economic news from his own Secretary of Finance Ric Brown. The news of increased tax revenues in Virginia is buttressed by corresponding parallel trends at the federal level, according to reports just released by the U.S. Department of Commerce and as reported in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal.(more...)