Down the Ticket — What Happened?

The Republican party celebrated its 31st Advance earlier this month. (The party rightly calls it an Advance, because the old name was Retreat, which some would interpret as losing ground and hiding from the fight.) Many questions were asked about what happened in the 2014 election and more about how we can capture the momentum for the upcoming elections.(more...)

With the recent news that Milt Johns will not be running for reelection, word is now breaking that Tim Singstock has decided to run for Prince William County School Board Chairman.  With his impressive leadership as Potomac District Chairman, and involvement in multiple area boards and charity groups, Singstock is expected to be a strong candidate with solid early Republican and community support. (more...)


First Residential Helipad Approved For Loudoun

Tonight, the Loudoun Planning Commission voted to unanimously approve Chuck Kuhn's special exception application of his helipad at Egypt farm in western Loudoun.  The planning commission will pass on their recommendation to the board for final approval and likely without controversy as the FAA also approved it back in April.(more...)
The Governor’s Gun Grab by Senator Dick Black

Senator Dick Black asked that The Bull Elephant be the first to publish his latest op-ed and call to action, “I am calling on all law-abiding gun owners to stand up for your rights and contact your representatives today to stop the erosion of our rights and freedoms given to us by the Founding Fathers. They fought to grant us these rights and now we need to fight to keep them.”(more...)