• FORMER YOUNG VIRGINIA BLOGGER AND EARLY DIGITAL CAMPAIGNER NOW ON BOARD WITH TRUMP CAMPAIGN. Vincent Harris, an early presence in Virginia’s blogosphere starting when he was still in high school, has now landed atop the Trump campaign’s digital operations. He was formerly digital director for Ted Cruz’s Senate campaign, and more recently for Rand Paul’s presidential campaign. Congrats to Vince! Politico has details.
    UH OH…someone’s been making more of this than it is. Breitbart has the goods on how Harris has only done limited “project” work for the campaign.

  • The Restoration Fund was established in 2013 to help pay former Governor McDonnell’s legal fees. The Fund has taken in over $500,000 but as of March 31st there was only $46,420 in the fund.  All the donors to the Fund can be found here.

  • Metro problem du jour, everyday another problem. On Monday a track fire shuts down the metro at Gallery Place causing major rush hour problems.  Story here. 

  • As Brexit results continue to come in, this site has the current results and the breakdown by country. It’s very close!