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  • BIG 2017 NEWS!!  Attorney General Mark Herring has announced that he will not be running for Governor in 2017, as was widely expected, but instead that he will seek re-election and will back Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam for Governor.  This averts a potentially bruising primary fight between the two over the top job, and positions Democrats to head into the 2017 with a strong, united front.

    I said this was big news, but it ain’t good news.  Herring’s announcement is here.  (H/T: Terrence Boulden).

  • Is nice making a comeback? With Ben Carson rising in the polls, and tying Trump in Iowa political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns asks the question.

  • Gender Neutral Pronouns because he, she, and they just aren’t good enough anymore.  Diversity zealots at the University of Tennessee are proposing that we drop those old fashioned pronouns and use these instead:


    No, I can’t begin to explain it, but you learn more about this silliness here. 


  • CNN OPENS A WINDOW…CAN CARLY CLIMB THROUGH IT?  They’ve just announced changes in rules that will give greater weight to polls taken after the first debate.  They are justifying this by saying, essentially, that they expected to be many more current polls included (there were 15 recognized polls in the same period in 2011, and will only be 5 this year), so this is only adjusting to that fact and not to pressure from Fiorina.  Yeah…right.

    That girl is on fire!  Good for her for pushing the powers that be to make a decision to accurately reflect who is in the top 10.  More details on CNN’s decision can be found here.

  • THIS IS PRETTY COOL:  Richmond meteorologist, other journalists fill in at WDBJ so staff can attend memorial.  Good for them.  What a nice thing to do.

  • CRUZ CAMPAIGN SET TO ANNOUNCE STATEWIDE LEADERSHIP TEAM.  According to a source with the campaign (the real campaign…#NoCrabgrass), Cruz will roll out his top leadership on Tuesday.  We’ll pass it along when that happens.

  • HUGE REDSKINS NEWS!  Robert Griffin III has been replaced by Kirk Cousins as the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Story here.  Redskins owner Dan Snyder will not block a trade for RGIII. That story here. 


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