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Our mission at The Bull Elephant is to provide unique coverage of politics and policy in Virginia and elsewhere, giving particular emphasis to those issues and concerns important to conservative and libertarian grassroots Republicans. In our first two years, we think we’ve done a pretty decent job of that. We aim to keep going. And along the way, we hope to have fun! Just like there’s more to life than politics, this site will always strive to provide some light-hearted fun alongside the serious business of promoting freedom.


We’re not journalists, but we do aim to be responsible citizens. We strive to do that with quality original content, and with honesty and integrity. If you think we fall short of that, please let us know. If we’re wrong, we’ll correct it.


We are generally conservative grassroots activists with deep ties to the Republican Party. Our equity holders and other contributors are not political professionals. We commit to disclose to our readers any conflict of interest that may call into question the credibility of our reporting. Ads for candidates or causes that are displayed on The Bull Elephant constitute disclosure of a (meager) financial relationship between us and that candidate or cause.

The Bull Elephant team includes Jeanine Martin, Jamie Radtke, Willie Deutsch, Chris Beer, Paul Prados, Dave Webster, and Steve Albertson.  Our guest contributors will include Republican party officials, right-leaning activists, Liberty Movement diehards, grassroots leaders, and elected officials.  We strive to include varied perspectives on  important public issues, so opinions will run the gamut from conventional to “out there,” with the idea that all benefit from listening to opinions that challenge their own perspectives. As with other sites, the opinions of individual authors do not necessarily reflect the opinion of any other author.

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