Ann Coulter endorses Dave Brat against Eric Cantor

Perhaps things are starting to turn for Dave Brat. He just got a boost to his campaign with his first big endorsement with only 8 weeks left until the Republican Primary.

Perhaps things are starting to turn for Dave Brat. He just got a boost to his campaign with his first big endorsement with only 8 weeks left until the Republican Primary.  This just in from Ann Coulter:

As those of you who follow my hate mail know, I am opposed to running untested candidates against perfectly good incumbent Republican senators this election cycle. It will be a long time before Republicans have as good a year as this to win a Senate majority. Unfortunately, we have idiots doing the idiot thing, pretending to be “tea partiers,” while challenging sitting Republican senators over fairly minor ideological differences.

Anyone opposing an incumbent Republican for any reason other than amnesty is a fraud or an idiot. Right now, immigration and Obamacare are the only things that matter. Since every Republican voted against Obamacare, that leaves only immigration.

Conservatives who ignore amnesty while carping about the debt ceiling, TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program), the Internet tax bill or Benghazi are too stupid to help their country.

Suppose the Senate had passed a bill that would cut Texas out of the Union? Would that get your attention, fake tea partiers? Without Texas, Republicans would immediately lose 38 electoral votes, two senators and 24 members of Congress. (Democrats would lose only 12 House members.)

How would you rate the prospect of repealing Obamacare if Republicans could: never win another presidential election; never win another majority in the House; and never again win a Senate majority? Oh, and how does the expression “President Nancy Pelosi” grab you?

Would that bill be slightly more important to you than the Internet tax bill?

Well, guess what? Amnesty will produce the exact same result as losing the entire state of Texas. In fact, merely continuing our current immigration policies will achieve the same result; it will just take a little longer. (But wow, I’m sure glad we got “Octomom”! What a boon she’s been to our American way of life.)

The population of Texas is about 27 million. With amnestied illegal aliens allowed to bring in their cousins and brothers-in-law under our insane “family reunification” policies, the 12 million illegal immigrants already here will quickly balloon to 30 million new voters — who happen to break 8-to-2 for the Democrats.

Consequently, before running off and staging a primary fight against a sitting Republican, anyone who truly loved his country would ask himself the following three questions:

(1) Does the incumbent Republican support amnesty? And by the way, “Supports amnesty” includes anyone who says one of the following:

— “We already have de facto amnesty”

— “What are you going to do — round up 12 million illegals?”

— “They’re doing jobs American just won’t do,” or

— “Our housekeeper, Lupe, is like family.”

(2) Is a primary challenge unlikely to flip a Republican seat to the Democrats?

(3) Am I fairly certain the challenger is smart enough to avoid the (apparently) rocky shoals of being asked about abortion in the case of rape?

There are at least three Republican primary candidates who pass this test with flying colors. They’re smart, attractive, articulate and unlikely to ever use the phrase “legitimate rape.”

No incumbent Republican senators are in jeopardy — the one Senate race is for a seat currently held by a Democrat, and the other two races are for House seats in reasonably safe Republican districts.

Finally, all three races represent the battle at the heart of the Republican Party: Are we the party of soulless businessmen who care nothing about the country but only want higher profits for themselves? Or are we the party of middle-class and working-class Americans?

If you don’t think the Republican Party should speak exclusively for Wall Street, Silicon Valley and the Chamber of Commerce, then you have to support:

— Dr. Greg Brannon, running in the Republican primary against foreign-labor cheerleader Thom Tillis, to challenge the Democratic senator from North Carolina, Kay Hagan. (Primary: May 6)

— Frank Roche, running against the lying, amnesty-supporting Renee Ellmers in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. (Primary: May 6)

— Dave Brat, economics professor, challenging the amnesty-addled Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. (Primary: June 10) …

…Dave Brat, an economics professor like Roche, is challenging Rep. Eric Cantor: Maniacal Amnesty Supporter. Cantor says “immigration reform could be an economic boon to this country.” 


You don’t have to be an economics professor to know that bringing in millions of workers is not “an economic boon” to the workers already here. (If only we could bring in millions of workers to compete for Cantor’s job.)Brat responded to Cantor’s baby-talk, saying immigration “lowers wages, adds to unemployment, and the taxpayer pays the tab for any benefits to folks coming in.”

Republicans aren’t at much risk of losing any of these seats, with or without primary fights. But we’ll lose them all within a decade if Republicans like Tillis, Ellmers and Cantor aren’t stopped.

BrannonRoche and Brat are the candidates true patriots should support with everything they have.

Ann Coulter is not the only one upset with Eric Cantor over his position on amnesty. In fact, Cantor has received a lot of heat from his House GOP colleagues on his backroom dealing with amnesty immigration legislation. Just yesterday it was reported that Republican Senator Sessions “came out swinging” against Cantor’s secretive immigration plan. Conveniently Cantor performed a nice dance today about his falling out with Obama on this issue.

Does anyone think #WhereIsCantor? will debate Brat over amnesty? There is a 7th District Republican Convention taking place in May and Cantor has reserved every single meeting room for that convention. I’m sure that must mean he has plenty of time for a debate!


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  • Meg Jaworowski

    This is a, “Glory Hallelujah!” moment!

  • ConcernedVirginian

    I’m tickled pink with all the heat this is putting on guys like SchoneyMan and the boys at BearingDrift….. they are squirming now and I love it

    • ShaneyMan, please.

      And this endorsement is less about Brat and more about Cantor. It will mean nothing in the long run.

      • Nick Bukowski

        Hi Brian, You’re probably right…but it could also spark a bunch of endorsements from national conservative leaders and that could bring in some out of state big money. That being said, it’s 8 weeks until the primary and this is probably too little too late. But if this does spark some more to come this could be trouble for Cantor. One someone like Coulter calls out a supposed “Conservative Tea Party Leader” as one of only 3 Republican Incumbents worth challenging, it is a pretty big deal. There’s not a whole lot else going on right now politically since it’s primary season, so I could see this bring in a huge boost in donations. Cantor’s at 2 million versus Brat’s 40K which is a huge mountain to overcome.

        But since the dems didn’t even field a candidate I could see them potentially come out in support of Brat, just to take down a prominent Republican.

        I am not “delusional” about Brat’s chances. They are very low. But if there was any chance for him to win, there would have to be a national referendum on Cantor’s anti-conservative and anti-tea party votes. The potential is there and this could just be the start. I’d put Brat’s chances at 5%. But that’s better than the 2% I had him at two days ago!

        • You mean the Brat folks might be counting on Democratic support? Isn’t that blasphemy?

          • Nick Bukowski

            Haha. I agree! And I’m not saying they’re counting on the dems vote. All I’m saying is maybe dems will cast a protest vote for cantor in the primary since they won’t get a chance to vote against him in the general. By the way, this is a major flaw in having open primaries. Pointing out that this could play a part in the primary is not saying I agree with it. I don’t. I want Republicans to pick the Republican nominee. An open primary does not insure that.

            At the same time, since Brat is to the right of Cantor, it’s quite possible that Cantor picks up more dem votes than Brat in the primary. Who knows. I prefer conventions any way, mainly because the voters in conventions tend to be much more informed voters (by force – since everyone has to sit for a few hours and hear the candidates speeches and talk to other Republicans there etc.).

          • Alexis Rose Bank

            If you’re so concerned about never having any Democrat near our nomination processes, you could support the convention method of nomination. But they might not let you in…

          • I’m not concerned about it at all. You guys are the ones constantly screaming about Democrats hijacking the process. The funny thing is I haven’t heard any of that complaining from you folks in this situation, probably because you’re going to benefit from it.

            If Brat gets within 10-20 points of Cantor, it will be because of Democratic crossover. Just keep that in mind when you guys start trying to claim victory if he gets over 40%.

          • Alexis Rose Bank

            Funny, the site stats say you have a great deal of concern. Enough that as early as 6:52 AM today you were already over here commenting on it, and nearly four hours later you’re still here. You’ll probably still be here at 6:52PM, still claiming to be completely unconcerned.

          • What does my speed in following up on comments when Disqus tells me someone has responded to me have to do with my concern about Democrats voting in the 7th District primary for Dave Brat?

            That’s right, it doesn’t. It just means I pay attention to social media. It’s part of all of my jobs.

          • Alexis Rose Bank

            Part of your jobs, eh? You claimed yesterday you weren’t being paid for this. Would you care to revise one of the two statements, or would you rather attempt to make those two contradictory assertions simultaneously?

          • You don’t get it, Alexis. Of the three jobs I have, all of them require me to monitor social media – for news, for current events, for things that impact my client, for elections related stuff, and just so that I’m up-to-date on things happening. I have a rotation of websites that I check throughout the day when I am not in meetings. Since Congress is out of session, most of what I am doing right now is reading, writing and reviewing other materials in one of my offices.

            When I run through my rotation and I see the little red thing in the Disqus that says I’ve got a response, I pop up, look at it, and respond.

            Am I specifically paid to comment on websites? No. But one of the benefits of what I do is I’m free to do so when I want.

            Keep trying to catch me in a contradiction. You’re 0 for 12399028342 at this point.

          • Alexis Rose Bank

            Sure sounds pretty contradictory to me. You claim to be both paid AND unpaid for your time here. You are paid for this and are in too much denial to admit that to yourself. By your own words it’s part of each of your alleged three jobs. And you are definitely not staying within the confines of merely reading, you are an active participant.

            In a way, this is you in a nutshell. You do one thing and say another, and as long as you can convince yourself there’s no contradiction, there’s magically no contradiction even if everyone else can see it. That’s a mental defect, Brian, and a classic symptom in others who also adhere to your far-left ideology.

          • It’s only contradictory to you because you are desperately trying to find a contradiction. If someone were specifically paying me to write comments, you could argue that “I’m being paid to be here.” No one is doing that.

            But my time is always compensated, because I work 24/7. There is no time when I am ever “off the clock.” None of my jobs work that way. I’m not paid by the hour, I’m not paid by the sale or by the widget. It’s the nature of the jobs that I do.

            “Alleged” three jobs? LOL.

          • Stephen Spiker

            This is the most boring fight you’ve picked yet, Shane-EE-Man.

          • I’ll try to pick a fight with more worthy opponents next time.

          • Jeanine Martin

            Oh I see, you don’t actually produce anything of value to society. Got it.

          • Tell us more about the value you produce as a retired social worker.

          • Hahaha, I raised a family! Both sons are well paid and highly taxed members of society. Some in our party still think families are important and raising children the most important thing we can do.

          • Jeanine Martin

            I always forget that Disqus does that. I didn’t realize that some people paid attention to it.

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  • Jeanine Martin

    This endorsement is a game changer for Dave Brat!

    • Stephen Spiker

      Yes, I’ll never forget where I was when I heard the news.

      • Jeanine Martin

        Hahaha, that was actually funny. I love people with a sense of humor, darn few in politics. It’s one of the reasons that I hope Stephen Hollingshead sticks around.

  • Tom Wilson

    I knew Coulter was a lunatic, but didn’t realize how illiterate she is until reading this.

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