Another Democrat enters the race for Lt. Governor

Another Democrat enters the race for Lt. Governor

A crowded field of Democrats and Republicans vying for Lt. Governor

Democrat Susan Platt has filed to run for Lt. Governor. She was formerly Joe Biden’s chief of staff of his Senate office for two years in the 1990’s. Now Platt lives in Great Falls and runs her own consulting firm.

Platt’s entry into the race means there are three Democrats running for Lt. Governor and three Republicans also running for the office. Other Democrats running for the office are two former US attorneys Gene Rossi and Justin Fairfax who previously ran for Attorney General in a primary in 2013 against Mark Herring.

Republican candidates for Lt. Governor are Delegate Glenn R. Davis Jr. (Virginia Beach) and state Senators. Bryce E. Reeves (Spotsylvania) and Jill Holtzman Vogel (Fauquier).

Democrat and Republican candidates will compete in primaries for their party’s nomination on June 13th.


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  • Chad Davis

    The Trump and Sanders campaigns emphasized that voters in both parties have distrust of their establishments anointing the nominees (some establishment Republicans only came to Cruz’s campaign as a last ditch effort to stop Trump). The a big legacy of the 2016 elections. That’s why I see less coronations of party favorites and more contested primary races in the years to come.

  • Roger Schweikert

    The more the merrier at least on the D list. Too many similar conservatives on the R primary ballot at the same time can spoil the applesauce.

  • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

    Do any of them bring anything but more of the same to the table?

    Virginia would be better served to not even have a lieutenant governor. If something happens to the governor, just let the speaker fill the position until a special election can be held.

    Any ties in the Senate can be just that, a tie. Nothing changes without a majority.

    Time to get on the shrink government train, or get on the tracks.

    • ameri…canwork

      I agree an elected paid position
      that has absolutely no benefit to the voter.
      Example; Bill Bolling
      ( McDonnells job czar )
      Number of jobs they created ?
      Didn’t the Ford F-150 plant leave Virginia ?
      Once again economy
      They created jobs for illegal aliens to no concern for the scales of justice.

      I Sincerely that VA. Republicans bring forth some men with KNOWLEDGE & INTEGERITY to run for Governor in 2017

  • Orca

    June 13th, not 14th.

    • Jeanine Martin

      Yes, thank you.

  • mezurak

    So now the staffers, consultants, and other political hacks have decided it’s easier to run for the office themselves than back someone they don’t really know nor even care to know?

    Is this a developing evolution of party politics in Virginia, where “all lawyers believe they are politicians” are swapped out for hacks chasing rainbows to a pot of gold?

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