• Delegate Bob Marshall’s bill, HB1612, that would regulate bathroom facilities in all state buildings has been killed in subcommittee. The bill would require those born women at birth to use women’s rooms and men would use men’s rooms.  (Who would have thought this would ever be an issue?) More on the story here. 

  • The cutest thing that happened on Inauguration day was Barron Trump playing with his baby nephew Theo (Ivanka’s son) while his father signed papers.  What a sweet thing for Barron to do.

  • Tomorrow during the Inauguration the first TV ad for our Governor’s race will be broadcast on Fox News in the DC area. Corey Stewart’s team has produced the ad, costing the campaign $15,500.  More details on the story here, and the ad is here:

  • Five current and former Virginia Congressmen, Goodlatte, Comstock, Griffith, Hurt and Forbes have endorsed Ed Gillespie for Governor. Details here.