Best (and worst) Super Bowl LI Commercials 2017

Best (and worst) Super Bowl LI Commercials 2017
Bring back the Clydesdales and

Some really good Super Bowl LI commercials and one politically correct stinker.

Not everyone is fan of the Super Bowl but many of us enjoy the commercials. These are some of my favorites for this year and my least favorite.

Those of you of a certain age will enjoy my favorite commercial for Super Bowl LI, with the legendary Peter Fonda:

Another  favorite is this one for

And this Skittles ad is really cute:

Fans of Rob Gronkowski (Gronk) will enjoy this one with actor Jeffrey Tambor:

Several Super Bowl ads are about drinking water, this is the best one for Pepsi water is visually beautiful and will look even better on a big screen:

Normally I wouldn’t suggest an ad for Febreze but this one is really funny,

Turbo Tax has their first Super Bowl commercial ever and it’s pretty good:

Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr appear in this funny ad:

Every year I look forward to the Budweiser Super Bowl ad with the Clydesdale horses and the adorable lab puppies.  This year I hate their politically correct, lecturing, ad. If I drank Budweiser I’d stop now. I don’t need this political crap during the Super Bowl.  Our lives have enough of that. Bring back the big ponies! And the puppies!

The most loved Super Bowlv ad of all time may be the coke ad from 1979/1980 with Mean Joe Green:

The first ad for MacIntosh computers, which aired during the 1984 Super Bowl, may be the best commercial ever made.  It was aired only once, during the third quarter of a game those of us in Washington would rather forget, but the ad was excellent:

Many more Super Bowl ads herehere and here. 

If I see more good ads during Sunday’s Super Bowl I will up date the post.

Which is your favorite ad?





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  • The Apple 1984 commerical was highly political, was it not?

    • Jeanine Martin

      Yes, it was. But it sent quite a message. I wonder why they never showed it again?

      • Complaints? Thoughts that it would dilute the message? I don’t know.

      • Rocinante

        Blew the budget on production.

    • Rocinante

      It was like a Corey running against an EstablishED party orthodoxy, ‘cept with computers.

  • Pat Lee Sonny

    Before my first cup of coffee this morning and I first thought LI was Long Island and was wondering what that had to do with it 🙂

  • ameri…canwork

    Cutting edge news here;
    A lumber company will be running a immigration style add during Super Bowl.

    1. Is this same company under or was under FBI investigation?
    2. Is this same lumber company a member of various Home Builder Associations across Virginia?
    3. Does this same lumber company have Va. violations issued under Va.’s
    Employee Misclassification Task Force?

    For at least the past 7 years Va. has has an elected Attorney General how appears to be complicit to unlicensed contractors violating Statute 54.1-1100
    and the Va. Employment Compensation Act.

    This makes Santurary City legislation a joke.

    • SD

      My guess is that it will be people here in the US working on infrastructure. Hard to outsource those jobs overseas.

      Next question.

      • ameri…canwork

        One of our good State Senators asked me why are our Contractors doing this?
        I said;
        If they could build homes over in China and load them on cargo ships they would be here.

        In Va. though any Governor or Attorney General could stop this overnight.

        • Rocinante

          Great, now we’re going to see cargo containers of prefab Tiny Houses heading our way.

          • ameri…canwork

            Probably not far off. I would expect a cubed stacked system for High Density Units/apartments
            Some kitchen cabinets are coming from there now.

  • mezurak

    I think the Inbev commercial is funny.

    It’s funny because the whole commercial is BS. Busch was born into a fairly wealthy German family, educated at a prestigious school, married into a wealthy German family in St. Louis, and became a beer making partner with his father-in-law, who was a customer of Busch’s brewery supply company. Busch came to America specifically to build a business in the wealthy German enclave of St. Louis. Using good business sense, he turned a craft beer bar into a national icon. Inbev has managed to turn the icon into a disgrace with their fake revisionist history.

    • Jeanine Martin

      Wow. Very interesting. Thanks.

  • Sbn

    Mr Clean, bringing the heat. Lmao

    Cam Newton, pretty damn funny

    Agreed on the lifewtr. Visually, wow

    Unbelievable, just rename the HoF, Brady’s house. Put everyone else in the freaking garage……

  • Chris k

    I regards to commercials Cam Newton won the Super Bowl

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