Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Government Shutdowns but Didn't Know Who to Ask

The Government shutdown looms in less than 24 hours. Answers to the basic questions for all of us can be found here. For Government employees OPM has answered most questions here. It’s more complicated than you might think. When the furlough ends, Congress must approve pay for employees who were furloughed and unable to work. In the past Congress has always approved retroactive pay so we can expect that they will again. If your questions are not answered at the above site, government employees can send questions directly to OPM. The list of contacts at OPM can be found here.

More on the furlough’s effects can be found herehere and here.  But the fate of the Panda Cam is unknown.  Oh No, Say it ain’t so!

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Also known as Lovettsville Lady, I have been a Republican activist for 20 years with many areas of interest including smaller government, fewer laws restricting our freedoms, and education, particularly school choice and gifted education. I lived in Fairfax county for a couple of decades and now live in the wilds of western Loudoun where I am active in Loudoun County Republican Committee while supporting conservative candidates for local and national office. I am also my kids' mom (the best job I ever had) and married to a very tolerant and patient man.

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  • Warner Workman

    Unfortunately, this only applies to government workers. As a gov contractor, I don’t…I work for food and pay, without reimbursement.
    But I am glad to give it up…for restoration of a
    Constitutional Republic

    • Jeanine Martin

      Thank you Warner. You are a true Patriot! Perhaps the contractors will also provide retroactive pay when everyone goes back to work. I don’t think people outside the DC area realize the impact of this shutdown on our area. So many small businesses will be effected because people won’t have the money to spend.