EXCLUSIVE: Video and Audio of Eric Cantor Speech Being Booed!

There has been a lot of talk in the blogs and in local and national news about the heckling and boos that Eric Cantor received when he gave his speech at the 7th District GOP convention this past Saturday. Many felt it was unseemly and disrespectful. I personally don’t like booing even when a referee makes a bad call, but

There has been a lot of talk in the blogs and in local and national news about the heckling and boos that Eric Cantor received when he gave his speech at the 7th District GOP convention this past Saturday. Many felt it was unseemly and disrespectful. I personally don’t like booing even when a referee makes a bad call, but I think you can better understand the response from this past Saturday if you have context:

  • Eric Cantor has made it abundantly clear to all his constituents that town hall meetings are beneath him. His consultant, Ray Allen, once told me years ago that Eric Cantor would ‘NEVER’ do a town hall meeting. The sentiment was,  ‘over my dead body!’ #WhereisCantor? (FYI – Scripted Advisory Council meetings that are about fundraising don’t count!)
  • Voters don’t like it when they don’t have access  to their legislator, especially when they are supposedly representing you.
  • Conservatives are tired of Cantor doing one thing in Congress and telling a different story when he comes home. When the recent kerfuffle happened in Congress between Cantor and the House Republican caucus, many of us felt like telling Cantor’s legislative colleagues – “Welcome to our world in the 7th!”
  • Cantor has refused to debate Brat because he is too busy doing “the people’s business.” #WhereIsCantor? (Sidebar: how does he know what that is if he won’t host town hall meetings?)
  • Cantor is running negative TV and radio commercials against Brat that are false. His mailers are just as blatantly misleading.
  • Cantor has backed an Independent candidate over the Republican candidate and showed tepid support for some of our other great conservative Republican candidates.

With this historical backdrop in mind, Cantor takes the stage and immediately goes on the attack against the guy that Cantor is supposedly not worried about – Dave Brat. When Cantor takes the stage, it is visibly evident that he is seething mad and has forgotten his position. The normal approach of an incumbent who claims a large lead in the polls would be to give a speech that goes, “Thanks for having me. I’m awesome. Here are all the wonderful things I’ve been doing for you. You guys are awesome too. Thanks for all you do. Please vote. Good night!”

Cantor says that he is tempted to, “fight fire with fire, but let me just leave you with some thoughts,” but Cantor proceeds to throw fire anyway. Cantor provokes negative reactions with his  false attacks. For once people are able to voice their discontent directly with Cantor without needing to go through a mandated form letter tool on Cantor’s website.

Here is the thing, the Republican Round Up was a fantastic idea by Linwood Cobb. People like to have a good time and see that people involved in politics are fun and approachable. But it is not enough. More than anything people are  hungry to talk with their representative about substantive issues, because overreaching government actions have severely impacted people’s bank accounts, jobs and families.

The negative reaction Cantor witnessed this past Saturday was a culmination of all the frustrations mentioned earlier. A continued stiff-arm approach with voters in his district will only make matters worse. Conservatives want a seat at the table, they want to be heard, they want their thoughts taken into consideration, and they want transparent and principled voting. Let’s see if Cantor takes away any ‘lessons learned’ from Saturday’s convention…


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  • Meg Jaworowski

    WHOA! Eric asked them to “Please go vote May 10th!”
    Mr. Cantor—what took you so long on the IRS woman? On the Benghazi issue? I guess leading from behind works for Obama.

    • Jeanine Martin

      Exactly! He waited until the very last minute to sign on to a Select Committee on Benghazi. My Congressman Frank Wolf had been begging him to do that for months. It irritated me when I heard Cantor use that in his speech as if he had always backed the Select Committee when the reality was Congressman Wolf had to drag him to the table, kicking and screaming all the way.

      • HillaryIn2016And2020

        I guess Mr. Cantor loves to be slapped around!~

      • RubyTwoThree

        Many people, myself included have called countless times on Benghazi and the only thing we would get is a canned letter saying he cared. I called Wolf’s office numerous times, and they would tell me that they had repeatedly been to Cantor and Boehner asking for a Select Committee. They were ignored. Issa and Chaffetez also refused to sign HR36. Gowdy and Gohmert signed it early on. So yeah, I share your irritation on his hypocrisy.

    • HillaryIn2016And2020

      I guess Mr. Cantor likes it from behind. Just like GOP Senator Larry Craig!

  • POTUS 34


    I am glad to see you have started your campaign for congress. It is disgusting to see what you and others have done to impugn the record of Eric Cantor. I especially enjoy the hypocrisy you have employed by turning a blind eye to Brat’s time with Governor Kaine. If a “moderate” had done that, you would be excoriating him on the blogs. Then again, your the same person who said you were a “policy advisor” to Governor Allen when it turns out you answered phones.

    You received less than 25% of the vote in the GOP Primary and had you won, you would have been crushed in the General Election. Your involvement serves no other purpose than to disrupt and destroy the GOP from within. Despite your name-calling and “establishment” rhetoric the reason you are so bitter is because you realize you will never be part of it. Therefore, you have imagined up this “grassroots army” that can seize control of the GOP but here is the reality: Once you take control you are the “establishment.” Here’s another irony: You will learn quickly how important money is to run a good campaign when no money exists for the GOP because you have run out those that can actually donate and/or raise funds.

    We all know these shenanigans down in the 7th are because of you and your quixotic bid for public office. The reality however is you will never be elected to public office and that is to the benefit of whatever government entity you are seeking to serve in.

    Not a lecture. Just a thought.

    • Nick Bukowski

      Nice of you to not have the courage to actually use your real name when throwing a blow full of lies at someone like Jamie, who’s willing to stand up against Republicans who act like Democrats when elected. Standing on Principle is important to many of the grassroots Republicans. I applaud what Jamie has done and continues to do.

      • HillaryIn2016And2020

        I totally agree with Nick.
        Nick is the MAN!

        Mr Cantor is a RINO!

    • Curt Diemer

      I think Ray Allen wrote that.

      • HillaryIn2016And2020

        Who cres.
        Nick is the Man!

    • Eric that you?

      • HillaryIn2016And2020

        You have no idea who Mr. Cantor is? What a GOP Tea Bag loser you are!!!

    • Eric McGrane

      Off-topic, anonymous personal attack. I really value your opinion; please tell me more.

    • HillaryIn2016And2020

      POYUT 34 is too stupid to think of a lecture!

    • Jim Portugul

      Well, first off, the fact that you say Jamie has gone from answering the phones for a Republican Party loser, to being a big enough threat to the Republican Party that she is able to inspire comments like yours is quite a compliment to her in my opinion.

      Second, it’s shows the utter fear that the Republican Party has of intelligent women who will not takes order’s from Republican Party Viagraholic male whales.

      Third, isn’t your comment an admission that the Republican Party is actually the Corporate Party, bent on the complete destruction of middle-class America? Isn’t the Republican Party nothing but the imagination of Corporate checkbooks? Both foreign and domestic, and Communist?

      No matter what name you use, I know who you are. You are “The Problem”.

    • partygirl

      While I don’t agree with the tone of this comment, I agree on the outcome, but for a different reason. I was a proud member of the Republican Party for many years. But the party I belonged to would not be considered republican today. I can not stand Cantor, and he is supposed to be my congressman. But I can’t look at the demographics and see where Brat wins the NEXT general election.
      If he wins this election, the 7th goes blue in 2 years. If however, someone within this broken party can sit at the table with others who share 99% of their goals without creating an even larger divide, we would stand a chance. But you would think I am a liberal when in fact, I am not. That unwillingness to involve folks who have different opinions on specific issues will never be a winning strategy.

  • Richmond Republican

    POTUS 34, you are right in some of what you say, but as someone who has supported Cantor many, many times the reality is that he has neglected his district and been focused almost exclusively on promoting himself within the caucus. You don’t have to vote a certain way 100% of the time but if you do everything possible to avoid interacting with your constituents you will have a problem. In this critical respect, Eric has missed one of the hallmark lessons of his mentor, Rep. Tom Bliley and is now paying the price. The essence of the problem could be seen in the symbolism of the Republican congressman for the 7th district having a closed holding room outside the meeting room of more than 1000 7th district Republicans and a phalanx of sheriff’s deputies around him to keep folks away.

    • Jeanine Martin

      Wow! It doesn’t get more tone deaf than that. Who was the guy in front of Eric playing Secret Service man? I’ve seen my Congressman countless times and he has never, ever, in 30 years, needed or wanted a guard. All of this sends the wrong message to your constituents.

      • Heather Stefl

        Eric Cantor has secret service protection. You may not always see them that is the point and he is always guarded.

        • Jeanine Martin

          Why? Other Congressmen don’t have Secret Service protection. Why does Eric Cantor?

          • Matt Wertman


            Most leaders in the Federal Government get secret service protection – First Family, Speaker of the House, Majority & Minority Leaders, Secretaries of the various Departments. The average Congressman does not get protection. You people are just grasping for anything to attack Cantor on that you’d probably accuse him of killing your dog should it drop dead tomorrow. Just imagine the damage we could do if you all would channel your energy into attacking Democrats instead of people that agree with you on 80-90% of the issues.

          • Jeanine Martin

            I’m not seeing it here on the Secret Service website. http://www.secretservice.gov/faq.shtml#faq2 I might have even noticed, if Cantor were a bit less pompous.

          • Matt Wertman

            By law, the Secret Service is authorized to protect:

            -Other individuals as designated per Executive Order of the President

            That could fall under anyone that is deemed for needing protection, thus the Speaker of the House, Majority and Minority Leaders, visiting heads of state, presidential candidates, etc.

            Besides, in all honesty, they’re likely Capitol Police – not Secret Service. I really don’t understand why you’re making such a big deal about this. You’re grasping for anything at this point because you people are so desperate. It’s kind of pathetic really.

          • Jeanine Martin

            OHHHH, the President decides, just like everything else in our current government.

          • Alan

            It’s not difficult to understand Cantor’s declining popularity. I live in his district and many of the negative comments in this thread and others are true. Agreement on issues matters little if concrete actions don’t follow proclaimed convictions! And what about the Stock Act?

          • megs

            Because he has had many threats on his life and also his family. I think you would have concern for your family.

          • Jeanine Martin

            Of course! And we know this because………….???

      • rich1103

        Cantor is such a low life and maybe just maybe his

        • HillaryIn2016And2020

          Mr Cantor is a very low life!

      • Curt Diemer

        That actually was his Secret Service agent. He usually has several. His job is certainly getting more interesting. He used to only worry about the lefties. LOL Eric has said and done so much dumb stuff, he has no idea who he has ticked off now.

        • Jeanine Martin

          Does the government provide Secret Service agents for Congressmen? I’ve never seen one with my Congressman.

      • HillaryIn2016And2020

        Just proves a vast majority hate Mr. Cantor.

      • palintologist

        Eric attended the funeral of a friend’s wife about three years ago and was reported to have no fewer than six Secret-Service types glued to him. Lots of folks remarked how unseemly it was for a funeral.

  • Alexis Rose Bank

    Lying to a crowd of people is a lot more rude than booing in response.

    • HillaryIn2016And2020

      Excellent. Mr. Cantor should resign!!

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  • David Skiles


    Your last paragraph intrigued me:

    “…Conservatives want a seat at the table, they want to be heard, they want their thoughts taken into consideration, and they want transparent and principled voting…”

    #1) Don’t assume all conservatives want the same thing. As someone who is conservative, I believe Eric is doing a fine job and listens to the people.

    #2) Don’t weaken the word “conservative.” You throw it out there as a catch all to describe the candidate and his/her supporters who is opposing your “establishment” target. In doing so, you weaken the meaning and definition of conservative

    #3) Saying you want a “seat at the table” is rhetoric. What you really want is to control the GOP apparatus. Most Republicans, by definition, are conservative. Therefore, conservatives already have a seat at the table. What you want are you strain of conservatives to control the GOP machinery.

    • Beth

      THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

      • HillaryIn2016And2020

        Beth, what you wrote is so right.

        Now go finish your 1st grade homework!

    • Curt Diemer

      When you are slating off people you are clearly not giving them a seat at the table. You may need to look up the definition of rhetoric. I don’t think it means what you think it does.

    • HillaryIn2016And2020

      Mr. Cantor is a RINO!!!!!

    • RubyTwoThree

      Have you ever tried to contact Cantor’s office? Ever dealt w/his people? They don’t even know the zip codes of the towns Cantor represents. No lie.

      At one time if one was a Republican it meant they were conservative, times have changed and that no longer holds true.

  • ColdWarrior

    Why did this happen this year and not two years ago? B/c two years ago there were not enough conservatives who showed up to be part of the process. Majority rules. The only reason our Party is not “conservative enough” for some complaining conservatives is b/c not enough of those same complaining have gotten “into” the Party where they live as precinct committeeman/delegates/etc.

    It’s not hard to do.

    When conservatives unite and organize inside the Republican Party local committees, good things can begin to happen.

    Richard Viguerie explains it all in the last two chapters of his book “Takeover.”


    I hope and pray more conservatives will move from their keyboards and into actual Party committee meetings.

    Thank you.

    • HillaryIn2016And2020

      Stop praying. Jesus is too busy.

  • Jim Portugul

    Does anybody know who the State Delegate and Senator who represent the area the 7th District is in support? Cantor or Bratt?

    Do you think the State reps should be “encouraged” to choose?

    • HillaryIn2016And2020

      GOP need to be taken by the nose how to vote. No thinking allowed in the GOP!

    • RubyTwoThree

      Bryce Reeves is my Senator for the 7th, he supports Cantor. To his credit he did send out an email regarding Fred Gruber’s win. He wanted Cobb to win, but at least he made the effort to be professional.

      • Jim Portugul

        Who did Del. Peace support?

        • RubyTwoThree

          Sorry, I don’t know the answer. To answer your question I don’t think State reps should choose, it should be up to “we the people” w/out them running interference. It isn’t going to stop though. It is how the old boy network is created and how the money gets passed around to maneuver the outcome of their agenda.

  • pinecone321


    The above link is an article on Cantor’s Saturday loss. There is a commenter “waynesteapartyworld” who is asking what a District GOP chair does. He would like to know if what happened here on Saturday could be done in other states. I don’t know the info. to answer his questions but I know there are people here that could provide him with the info. The more we can work to get rid of the less than stellar Republican incumbents, wherever they are, with as much help as possible. Thank you.

    • HillaryIn2016And2020

      Right on!
      Vote out all GOP.
      Time for Democrats to lead this country to greatness!

      • Jeanine Martin

        Are you drunk? Or do you always do and say such stupid things? Please try to contain yourself.

        • RubyTwoThree

          It’s called being a TROLL.

          • Jeanine Martin

            Yes, it is, and she’s gone from this blog.

  • HillaryIn2016And2020

    Listening to Mr. Cantor, I am ashamed be to a Je w.

    • Jeanine Martin

      Jews are ashamed of you too. Please stop this foolishness.

  • speakez6

    Cantor hides behind his family when he can’t take the criticism. Cantor is actively working to sell out America on a whole host of issues, and attack the conservative base…but he’s a strait up liar about Obamacare and amnesty. RINO scum.

  • Borderhawk

    It was Steve King’s idea to repeal Obamacare. Redstate has the timeline and it was Steve King who started to petition. Eric Cantor and leadership were not sure about a full repeal.

  • HARP2

    Let’s see you push for “inherent contempt” for Lerner….maybe then I’ll believe you liar.

    • Alan

      The constitution allows for the arrest of Learner by the House of Representatives. Cantor should be pushing that!

  • phillyfanatic

    The entire House Pub leadership seems hellbent on undermining the Party in general. Instead of uniting the Indies, Evangelicals, Teas, Libertarians these dopes think they can con the BASE. If these dopes lose the Nov. elections by appeasing the Left and the Media , the entire GOP should be turned inside out and a new leadership demanded. Gowdy is one such leader to look too as well as Gohmert.

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  • Mark Shigley

    During Mr. Cantor’s speech, he derided Mr. Brat by stating that it’s easy to sit up in the rarefied air of academia and cast stones. I’m not sure where Mr. Cantor has been over the last 50 years, but I imagine it is a lot harder to be a conservative in academia than it is to be a Republican in the Republican led House of Representatives.

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  • RubyTwoThree

    Cantor is a liar, a money grubbing crook, and a Progressive i.e.Communist. Odd he didn’t mention his jaunt to meet w/Soros and his ilk, or that he presented a second bill for Obamacare, or that he supports insider stock trading, or that he wants amnesty so bad he is foaming at the mouth. Benghazi? He has dodged it for years, suddenly now he cares?

    His campaign flyers in the mail are absolute blatant lies about Dave Brat. Where was Dave during Obamacare? Working, doing his job as a professor, I don’t know exactly what he was expected to be doing in DC since he didn’t wasn’t a congressman. That argument makes zero sense.

    Cantor is a horrible congressman, does not care about us, the people he is supposed to represent, but he does care about the POWER. He is a dangerous man. It is time for him to go. Nothing would send a bigger message to DC than to vote out Cantor.

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