He’s Almost Gone!

He’s Almost Gone!

A moving van was spotted yesterday outside the White House, on the west side. Moving Masters is experienced in government moving. In two weeks the Obama family will be completely out of the White House and the Trump family moved in within hours. More here.


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  • David Dickinson

    Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip, hooray! Hip-hip, hooray!

  • old_redneck

    Meanwhile, there’s this:

    Two DC contractors who worked on Trump’s DC hotel report being stiffed by Trump

    — snip

    Their employees installed plumbing, air conditioning, baseboards and
    crown molding in Donald Trump’s $212 million luxury D.C. hotel.

    Afterward, they say, they were stiffed.

    Two Washington-area small businesses have filed liens on the Trump
    International Hotel, saying they have not been compensated for their
    work completing the 263-room project the president-elect routinely
    heralds as having finished under budget and ahead of schedule.

    One firm, Joseph J. Magnolia Inc., is a private, family-owned
    plumbing firm with offices in Northeast D.C. and suburban Maryland that
    claims it is out $2.98 million. According to a mechanic’s lien the
    company filed four days before Christmas, Magnolia worked on the Trump
    hotel for more than two years, from September of 2014 to December of


    Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/digger/wp/2017/01/05/two-contractors-allege-getting-stiffed-for-work-on-trumps-d-c-hotel/

    I know you republicans are proud of what you have elected.

    • Jeanine Martin

      Yes, we are thrilled. Business disputes happen frequently.

      • old_redneck

        Business disputes may happen frequently but Trump is the king with over 2,500 suits or liens against him because of his practice of stiffing contractors. Furthermore, he loses most cases — which should tell you something about him. However, no, you’ll continue to cheer for him because you republicans take great delight in dumping on people. The people being hurt are working men and women – electricians, plumbers, laborers.

    • David Dickinson

      Ding dong the witch is dead, my oh my, the wicked witch. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead!
      Well, actually, he has 2 more weeks.

  • just a wild & crazy RINO

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