Homicide Rate Spikes in Prince William County

Homicide Rate Spikes in Prince William County

The homicide rate in Prince William County has more than doubled over the last year. In 2015 there were 10 homicides in the county, in 2016 there were 22 as of December 30th.  Reasons for the this spike are not clear but it can’t be good for Corey Stewart’s campaign for Governor. More here and here.


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  • Burke Patriot

    Borders, language, and culture do matter!

  • Rocinante

    Will only serve to give Corey softballs to hit out of Park.

    What is the Homicide rate for the county where Ed got electED? (Warning; trick question!)

  • Donna W

    Again, Gillespie has no experience dealing with this type of life and death issues like Corey has had to. Some of these homicides were murder-suicides, and drug related.

    Corey understands the complexities of governing, something none of his opponents have experience in.

    While Corey as Chair of the PWC BOCS will be governing his board on issues relating to the public’ safety, his opponents will be worrying and deciding which fundraiser to attend.

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