Isis in America

Isis in America

The departure of the Obama administration portends an opportunity for the truth of Islamic jihad to be presented and discussed.

The mainstream media has reported the following regarding the mass murderer at the Fort Lauderdale airport:  His name is Esteban Santiago.  He was in the US military and has psychological problems.  There is, however, another side to the story.  His Islamic name is Aashiq Hammad.  He participated in the creation of jihadist music a number of years before being deployed by the US military to Iraq.  He has been pictured in ISIS and Palestinian garb.  The only bag he brought with him to the Fort Lauderdale airport was the one that carried the murder weapon.  Why has the MSM failed to report this additional information?

The FBI has reported that ISIS is in every State in the union.   During an 18-month period from early 2014 to mid-2015, federal and local authorities arrested nearly 70 individuals connected with ISIS, including refugees and US citizens.   Some of the American individuals not arrested were killed fighting for ISIS.  On average, there is now one daily jihad terrorist attack somewhere in the world.  When will the MSM do a thorough analysis of the American and Western world ISIS and Islamic terrorism situation?

Jihadists have been arriving in Mexico, primarily in Nuevo Leon (about 130 miles south of the Texas border).  They are working in conjunction with Mexican drug cartels and plan to attack American cities and ports of entry along the southern border.  At this point, the Jihadists are training and waiting to be given orders to strike the American homeland.  Since Korans and other Islam related paraphernalia have been discovered in the American desert, it is obvious that the open southern border has been breached and an unknown number of ISIS, al queda, and jihadist operatives are already in the country.  Where is the investigation by the MSM?

It appears that everything possible is being done to minimize the connections of terrorist actions to ISIS and Islamic jihad.  The distortion and suppression of any Islamic terrorist connection is a phenomenon not just in the USA but in European nations as well.   The MSM appears to be operating out of fear and in collusion with the various Western governments.  In far too many instances, individuals who decry the situation are portrayed in the MSM as right wing fanatics, Islamophobes, or racists (even though Islam isn’t a race).  Those who complain have been arrested, fined and even imprisoned for speaking out.

The departure of the Obama administration portends an opportunity for the truth of Islamic jihad to be presented and discussed.  It is hoped that the MSM will operate free of the prior restriction that portray actions like those at the Fort Lauderdale airport as madness when they actually have distinct connections to ISIS.


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  • johninva

    This is the number two item of Obama’s legacy: His attitude and that of Loretta Lynch influence the media to avoid mentioning the Islamist nature of these killers and their concern for political correctness leaves them in very low esteem with their audience.
    I say number two item of Obama’s legacy because the lack of federal stress on stopping the import of deadly fentanyl and heroin from Mexico and China has resulted in horrendous death counts in the U.S. while Obama sets convicted drug dealers free from prison. That is the main failure ifor which he will be remembered n his legacy.

    • Warmac9999

      Note the connection between the cartels and the terrorists. I would say the Obama legacy has the destructive obamacare as number one.

  • old_redneck


    Back in the 1950’s, there was a Commie behind every tree. They had even infiltrated the classrooms and municipal waterworks (where they were dumping flouride to weaken us so the Roosians could take over).

    And now it’s ISIS. You’ll understand if I’m not impressed.

    Get a life.

    • old_redneck

      On the other hand, perhaps I am judging “Doctor” Warren a bit harshly. Maybe ISIS is everywhere. After all:

      — My grandson (the smartest 6th grader in Prince William County) just informed me they use ARABIC NUMERALS in their math classes;

      — With the passage of the weekend storm and the advent of clear, dry air, I’m dragging out my 12-inch reflector telescope tonight. I just realized that most of the named stars in the astronomy catalogs have ARABIC NAMES

      — And now the Food Lion in Heathsville is stocking COUSCOUS!!! I mean, WTF is wrong with grits???

      • Warmac9999

        The Hindu-Arabic numerals were invented by mathematicians in India. Perso-Arabic mathematicians called them “Hindu numerals” (where “Hindu” meant Indian). Later they came to be called “Arabic numerals” in Europe, because they were introduced to the West by Arab merchants. One other quick point, apparently you equate Arab with muslim. You might want to check out history.

      • Warmac9999

        Very old star names originated among people who lived in the Arabian Peninsula more than a thousand years ago, before the rise of Islam. However, many Arabic language star names sprang up later in history, as translations of ancient Greek language descriptions.

        The astronomer Claudius Ptolemy in his Almagest (2nd century) tabulated the celestial position and brightness (visual magnitude) of 1,025 stars. Ptolemy’s book was translated into Arabic in the 8th and 9th centuries and became famous in Europe as a 12th-century Latin translation. Many of the Arabic-language star descriptions in the Almagest came to be widely used as names for stars.

      • Warmac9999

        By the way, couscous tastes awful. Must be made from camel dung.

      • powhatan1

        Dangerously naieve….I am connected to the deportation business. You really have no idea how danger close things are.

        • old_redneck

          That what they told me about Commies back in the 1950’s. Bullshit then, bullshit now.

          Then in the 1960’s, I had to go to Vietnam and fight ’em over there so I didn’t have to fight ’em over here. And now they are making all our athletic shoes.

          ISIS, “radical Islamic terrorists” are of no concern to me or to any other thinking citizen.

          But you and the good “doctor” knock yourselves out.

          • Warmac9999

            Ever hear of the TSA? Didn’t exist before 9/11. How about the DHS? Major reorganization to create this new department.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            Yea, that abortion is bad also. But, doing business with communist China where 23 million abortions are done annually is good because Wall St. likes the enormous profit from communist cheap labor.

            Abortion is ok for Republicans as long as it leads to a profit.

            You don’t support those southern things that you were told to fear as a youngster had anything to do with money and profit do you?

          • Warmac9999

            I would point out that the right to life is a Republican position while abortion on demand is a Democrat position.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            A Republican position only as long as there is not a profit to be made.

          • Rocinante


          • Warmac9999

            Profit is survival. Loss is bankruptcy. Unfortunately, the left only thinks of profit as an evil rather than loss as having an evil aspect. Montgomery Ward went out of business because they lost. GM should likewise gone out of business.

          • Warmac9999

            You must mean Planned Parenthood which was originally established to eliminate the black race.

          • Warmac9999

            It is an evil position born of necessity. Like Trump has said about Russia, you cannot ignore them and it is best to have good relations with them. Nixon opened up China to western ideas and to influence them to greater freedoms – apoarently you forget that China under Mao was a slave state like North Korea.

            The pro-abortion movement is a creation of the Democrats and, unfortunately, far too man modern Republicans have bought into it. Frankly, we are paying for this evil because the 70 million aborted babies are the missing American workforce that is now streaming unmolested across the souther border bringing with them the cartels and jihadists.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            Why is it that regarding abortion, what a woman down the street does is everybody’s business, yet, what 23 million women in communist China do is not anybody’s business.

            It’s all about the cabbage.

          • Stonewall Jackson

            Seems that the Democratic party wants your stupid ass to fear Russia dimwit. GFYS

          • Warmac9999

            Obama and his cronies picked Russia out of a hat. They well know that hacking is an international business involving nation states, private actors, and guys like Snowden. There is nothing new about spying and attempted disruptions of national interests. Heck, we have a CIA to spy and counter-spy —- and apparently we have 17 other intelligence organizations that are obviously closely coordinating everything. (Oh, if you believe that then I have a bridge available for sale.)

        • Warmac9999

          I have a number of friends who do business in Mexico. The danger is real and is going to get worse, much worse, thanks to obama.

    • Warmac9999

      May the blade of Allah be upon your neck.

      • ameri…canwork

        He could go to NC and debate this someone with a k bar.

    • powhatan1

      Do you not see the communists in office and education?

      • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

        Then why did we let Wall St. export our manufacturing base to communist China?

        • Warmac9999

          It wasn’t just Wall Street. You had stupid intellectuals who looked at manufacturing as no longer a necessity to a successful society. They equated manufacturing to agriculture – and reasoned incorrectly that the manufacturing revolution would go the way of the family farm society into oblivion. The politicians happily obliged this foolishness and created legislation that shipped those dirty manufacturing jobs out of the country in favor of the new information society. The problem arose when foreign countries no longer needed the information and developed their own version of needed information.

          Now Trump has the unenviable task of bringing back the manufacturing jobs while, at the same time, keeping the information society afloat.

      • Warmac9999

        He choses not to see because in his globalist world view it doesn’t matter what happens to the USA. He is no different than Obama and Merkel in that regard.

    • Warmac9999

      Recently released study showed that over 50% of German women now fear to go out alone, particularly after dark. The refugees who have entered Germany represent about 2% of the population but over 20% of the major crimes. Contrary to the media reports, refugee related crime continues to increase.

  • mark Jawsz

    Old Redneck is not totally wrong. Throughout his life (he is ten years older than I am and thus I can relate somewhat) there have been an assortment of concocted boogie men who served the purpose of focusing our attention away from the real enemy of working people – the bankers who run the country. HOWEVER, long before there was a Federal Reserve, or JP Morgan, John Rockefeller, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Bank of England, or the House of Rothschild, there was an Islamic invasion of Europe. It affected, Spain, France, Sicily, Italy, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, and my ancestral Poland. And it did not go away and stay away. It get on coming back repeatedly. And it is with us today. Take a look at Europe. Thus, we are not wrong for taking this threat seriously because there are plenty of irredentist nuts in the Islamic world hell bent on setting up a Caliphate. And given the levels of marital consanguinity throughout the Islamic world, there is an unhealthy percentage of mental defects who take the Koran literally. That is dangerous. Furthermore, I doubt Old Redneck has a red neck, given the extent to which his head is shoved up his ass. I would call him Old Brownneck.

    • ameri…canwork

      Didn’t Hitler enlist the Islamist and entice them into the caliphate in World War II to help fight the Jews through Europe ?

      1 Yes, I agree with the stupidity of the Obama Administration the past 8 years.

      2 But, the prese dented act of stupidity was under the Bush Administration after 9/11 with the lack of desire to seal our Southern border.
      You are correct I said it ;
      Republican President Bush
      gave 25 million illegal aliens Homeland Security.
      Ponder , little brown people GIVEN American jobs illegally is economic terrorism, NOT CAPITALISM!
      Little brown people flying planes into buildings.
      How many Americans killed by illegal aliens on American soil from Sept. 11, 2001 until now ?

      All for cheap illegal labor in the words of that Bush nit wit “Caliente”.

      They just keep getting dumber.

      To bad the title Dumb and Dumber has already been used.

      They are half hearted, no half patriotic.
      The tale of a “halfrican American” & the ” half American”.

      BUILD THE WALL !!!!!!!
      Or you WILL NOT BE REELECTED !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Warmac9999

        Both Bush administrations were globalist in outlook. Bush 1 threw away the Reagan legacy and Bush 2 was inept when it came to illegal immigration. The problem now is we have millions of Illegals in the country, many with terrorist or gang affiliations. Trump not only has to build the wall but deport any illegal who commits a crime. The latter will be difficult because the socialist totalitarian left will try to impede action every step of the way.

        • ameri…canwork

          Once again I have to fully agree with you.

          It was awful for the senior Bush to desire NAFTA so much then to have the Clintons stuff it down Americans throat , telling us it would raise the standard of living in Mexico and end illegal immigration.

          President Bush’s address to the nation after 9/11
          he stated;
          We will starve the terrorists of funding turn them against another drive them from place to place until there is no refuge or no rest.

          And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism every nation in every region now has a decision to make either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.

          Awful that Republicans lack this passion in truly defending America.

          After 9/11 I had thought that illegal immigration would come to an end and they would seal the Border and no more American jobs for $ale.
          That was an assumption of a moron on my part they just raised the price of those American jobs they were $elling.

          How many Americans killed on American soil by illegal aliens from 9/11 to present.

          There is a dereliction of Duty amongst our legislators.

          • Warmac9999

            The answer is to drain the swamp and demand it be done now. Obamacare can be repealed and replaced in a day. It will take a long time to work out the details but it has taken some 6 years to get it to where we are today – an utter disaster.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            You are wrong. For those on Obamacare, there are no insurance plans for them to buy insurance. Plans were done away with when Obamacare started. The insurance industry has to come up with all the plans to sell to people who lost their plans under Obamacare.

            Also, there is about a trillion dollars that will have to be accounted for, the increased cost of MediCare. You no longer have the Trillion dollar savings for Medicare, because so many people on ObamaCare will be going back on Medicare.

            You don’t have a clue what is involved. Not a clue.

          • Warmac9999

            You mean like the giddy Nancy Pelosi when she said you have to pass the bill to find out what is in the bill. One thing for certain, Obamacare has done great long term damage that cannot be undone in a day. So, we will have to pass a replacement bill to find out if replacement works and, unfortunately, at great cost and over time.

        • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

          Deport any illegal who commits a crime you say? Every illegal here, is already committing a crime just by being here.

          What kind of crap is that?

          • Warmac9999

            You are correct. However, the first group to be deported is the violent felons. The second group has to be addressed because law breaking is involved although of a misdemeanor nature.

          • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

            So in other words Mr. Warmac, to a person who loses his job to an illegal immigrant, it makes a difference whether the person who took their job is a felon or just committed a misdemeanor crime?

            You think?

          • Warmac9999

            Now you misinterpret me. All I am saying is you focus on the biggest problem first.

            As far as the loss of a job to an illegal, I know a fair number of people who have had that problem and they should not be damaged by poor government policy – and that is exactly what it is when you don’t control your borders. We cannot have Mexico using the USA as a dumping ground for their problems and we cannot have our citizenry losing out on opportunity or employment.

            I would go after the businesses who have exploited loopholes in legislation, but I would also know that the businesses have to be protected against unfair international competition. (The Department of Commerce shouldn’t be a one way street and that is what it is today.)

      • JWS

        No, Hitler did not “entice the Islamist” or “entice them into the caliphate”.

        • ameri…canwork

          Heck ,
          I admit I really don’t know the difference between what arabs , Muslims ,and Islamist are.
          Somewhere along the way Hitler and this cat Al – banana became BFF and some of the Muslim Brotherhood were fight for him in a SS Handshar Division.

          Once again sorry Red Rome ,Red Delicious it all apples to me.

          • Warmac9999

            The remnants of the Ottoman Empire trying to reestablish their empire. Of course, one might ask where did Hitler get his ideas for genocide. Maybe from the Armenian genocide?

          • ameri…canwork

            This has sparked my interest , thanks for the Ottoman Empire tip.
            I think that may be the folks with the shriner style caps I had seen In some footage.
            The Al-bannana cat though some young men recently had told me that those folks further live on to fight Russians in Afghanistan.

            Really sparked my intetest,
            I’ll stick with what I know with the upmost confidence, illegal employment and employing Americans.

            Thanks , always good to learn.

  • just a wild & crazy RINO
    • Warmac9999

      Throw in the social democrat leaders of Europe as well – with Merkel at the top.

  • ameri…canwork

    This is why our local Sheriffs Dept
    all over America secure the MRAP when possible , not to take miltary style arms up against American citizens but to DEFEND US .

    Prophylactic measures are the measures of leadership , reactionary measures are of one who has failed in their execution of leadership responsibilities.

    They (sheriffs depts) see the future clearly , the things that they encounter would scare the crap out of you.

    You are not going to have to worry about hurting someone’s feelings
    (which is why they are called feelings) or the “claim of racism” when you are no longer above ground.

    Yea, send the young man abroad to defend America , then you politicians collectively sit on your week , poo sissy hands and do not defend America domestically.

    BUILD THE WALL !!!!!!!!!!

    China has one (a wall) and you trade with those Communist .
    Feed some more crap to America.
    Capitalism does not promote freedom.

    • Warmac9999

      Crony capitalism is the problem not moral capitalism. Crony capitalism is really fascism. Moral capitalism is based on individual freedom and integrity.

      • ameri…canwork

        Operating within the rules and regulations of the law is moral.
        If one does not like a law feel free to rewrite it propose it before a legislative body debated and vote on it.

        Administrative gestapo tactics must end.

        A little spirit of the great Virginian Stonewall Jackson is well needed at this juncture in time.
        Stonewall fought for Virginia for one reason that was the way Virginia voted.

        The rule of law must be enforced for everyone !!!!!!!!

        • Warmac9999

          And that is why Hillary must be called to,account.

  • old_redneck

    Here’s the problem: You rightwingerdingers are all cranked up over a fictional problem while The Trumpster is screwing with our real national security.

    Donald Trump’s transition team has dismissed the top two officials who oversee and maintain the U.S. nuclear weapons arsenal.

    The incoming administration has told Under Secretary for Nuclear Security Frank Klotz and his deputy, Madelyn Creedon, to clear their offices by Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

    Klotz and Creedon were appointed by President Barack Obama to lead the National Nuclear Security Administration, a $12 billion-a-year agency that maintains the safety, security and effectiveness of the nation’s nuclear weapons.

    Political appointees traditionally turn in resignation letters effective at noon on inauguration day, but officials who serve in certain key positions are often asked to stay on until their
    replacements are confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

    A source within the Department of Energy told the website that there’s no timetable for replacing either official, and other Obama appointees within the agency could also be pushed out.

    “It’s a shocking disregard for process and continuity of government,” said the source.

    The source said secretarial and administration appointments have not been asked to stay on by the Trump administration, so presumably their tenures will end when Obama leaves office next week.

    That will leave the agency staffed entirely by civil servants, who already do much of the work, but the leadership vacuum could wreck its budget for next year even as Trump calls for expanding the nuclear arsenal.

    The Obama administration has already begun rebuilding the nuclear program, which Trump simply might not have realized, but his predecessor has not yet planned for the future of the program charged with safeguarding its infrastructure.

    JESUSCHRISTONACRUTCH . . . you republicans have saddled this nation with the cast of the Original Amateur Hour.

    • Warmac9999

      Apparently, you missed that little article on the transfer of uranium to Iran. But you can google it as it is fairly recent.

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