Latest polling for Virginia Governor

Latest polling for Virginia Governor

Viriginia's looking blue but it's a long way to November

The news is not good for Republicans in the latest Quinnipiac poll for Governor of Virginia. Both Democrats, Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello, beat any of the Republican candidates.

Ed Gillespie is the lead choice for Republicans with 24% of their vote, followed by Corey Stewart with 7%, Frank Wagner with 5% and Denver Riggleman with 2% of the vote.  The majority of Republicans, 59%, are undecided.  On the Democrat side Ralph Northam and Tom Perriello are tied at 19% with 61% of Democrats undecided.

From the Quinnipiac poll:

General election matchups show either Democrat leading any Republican:

  • Perriello over Gillespie 43 – 36 percent;
  • Perriello tops Stewart 44 – 31 percent;
  • Perriello leads Riggelman 43 – 30 percent;
  • Perriello beats Wagner 43 – 32 percent;
  • Northam tops Gillespie 41 – 35 percent;
  • Northam leads Stewart 42 – 31 percent;
  • Northam tops Riggelman 42 – 31 percent;
  • Northam over Wagner 41 – 33 percent.

The most important issue to Virginia voters is the economy, followed by education, political affliation, and health care.

See many more poll details here. 



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    • Chad Davis

      Perriello scares me too. He may be to TMac’s left.

      • Jeanine Martin

        Yes, he is to McAuliffe’s left and Virginia democrats really like him.

    • Sailblazer

      Never Herring!

  • John Massoud

    Quinnipiac is not the most accurate polling organization in the USA – so I’d take this poll with several pounds of salt. Christopher Newport Polling is a much more reputable organization which knows Va quite well CNP saw that Trump was closing on Hilary in Va and reported it as such, something which most other polling firms missed in 2016.

    • Pat Lee Sonny

      Where do they publish their results?

  • Pat Lee Sonny

    None of those poll results are any surprise to me since only activist Republicans know the candidate names at least and most Virginians have no idea what the Dems in power have done.

    I’ve never run a campaign (which may be advantageous since I don’t have misleading prejudices) but what I’m about to say seems common sense to me. Perhaps rudimentary but rudimentary lessons constantly need revisiting.

    For a Republican to win, he/she must: (1) make themselves known to the voters, not just their party activists; (2) Point out & explain the results of the failings of their opponents and tell how & why they would make things better; and (3) kill all the trolls.

    (Okay, so I threw #3 in there just to annoy the trolls that hang out here just because they annoy us constantly. And, because my sense of humor doesn’t have an off switch).

  • Franklin Fogle

    Although the resultant poll’s headline supposedly foretells another GOP loss, Peter A.
    Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll stated, “The most important numbers are 59 and 61, the percentages of Republican and
    Democratic voters who are undecided in their respective primaries”. At least he was admitting that — at this early stage — his lack of sold data makes everything whimsical conjecture if over half of everyone doesn’t know who they’ll vote for. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Virginia Dems surprise the world by reaching puberty and voting for economic betterment over party ideology.

    • John Massoud

      Northam is no guarantee to win this nomination. He’s going head on with a rather well spoken man in Perrello who has an outside chance to get the nomination.

  • powhatan1

    Swaying elections with polls? ITs been tried before.

  • David Dickinson

    With all the numbers being nearly identical, this poll doesn’t foretell anything other than people haven’t decided on who to vote for other than dedicated Rs and Ds who will vote R or D regardless.

    • Rob Blackstone

      Yep, those people who said the economy and education were most important were full of crap.

      The results indicate a straight-up R vs D vote.

  • Rob Blackstone

    Was this another +16 Democrat sample?

    • Chad Davis

      Thank you! We threw in the towels here in Virginia before Election Day with the gubernatorial race in 2013, the senate race in 2014, and the presidential race in 2016. The final tallies in all those races were a lot closer than the projected Democratic landslides. Eventually, we have to stop listening to these bogus polls and stop pulling our resources out of these winnable races here in Virginia.

  • Bob Watson

    The elephant in the room is how well the Trump Administration does between now and November. We have seen that movie before, too.

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