Presidential Election Results by State Senate District

Presidential Election Results by State Senate District

Republicans may face some challenges in 2019

Christian Heiens has provided us with another very informative map, this time showing the results of the recent Presidential election in Virginia by state senate districts.



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  • mezurak

    Oh look! Republican stalwart Virginia Beach is showing a bluish tinge. Do you know what happens when the city’s 400+ thousand people join the NoVa bloc? You get a SuperNoVa.

    The VA GOP gerrymander is facing Doomsday.

    • Jeanine Martin

      Wrong. We will control the GA in 2020 when the state is again redistricted. I dare say Virginia Beach will swing back to the right when Trump runs for re-election.

      • Peter Foster

        In addition, calling the current State Senate Districts a GOP gerrymander is patently false, since the current State Senate Districts were drawn in 2011, when the Democrats still controlled the State Senate.

      • mezurak

        Just keep telling yourselves that “All Is Well.” Little blue spots are spreading all over Virginia.

  • Children Of The Revolution

    I don’t even understand this. I mean was the election map any better in 2012, 2008, when Obama won ? Not really.

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