Proof: Without California Trump would have won the Popular Vote

Proof: Without California Trump would have won the Popular Vote

It's all about California

Clinton won California by 4.3 million votes more than Trump. (No one knows how many of those votes came from illegal immigrants who were encouraged to vote). In California Clinton won with a higher percentage than Obama–61.5% vs. Obama’s 60%. California Republicans had little reason to turn out and vote because the state is so heavily Democrat and because there were precious few Republicans on the ballot. From Investors Business Daily:

There were two Democrats — and zero Republicans — running to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer. There were no Republicans on the ballot for House seats in nine of California’s congressional districts.


At the state level, six districts had no Republicans running for the state senate, and 16 districts had no Republicans running for state assembly seats.


Plus, since Republicans knew Clinton was going to win the state — and its entire 55 electoral votes — casting a ballot for Trump was virtually meaningless, since no matter what her margin of victory, Clinton was getting all 55 votes.

If California’s votes are taken out of the popular vote Trump wins the rest of the country by 1.4 million votes.

Looking at everything but the popular vote, Trump is the clear winner:

Number of states won:
Trump: 30
Clinton: 20
Trump: +10

Number of electoral votes won:
Trump: 306
Clinton: 232
Trump: + 68

Ave. margin of victory in winning states:
Trump: 56%
Clinton: 53.5%
Trump: + 2.5 points

Popular vote total:
Trump: 62,958,211
Clinton: 65,818,318
Clinton: + 2.8 million

Popular vote total outside California:
Trump: 58,474,401
Clinton: 57,064,530
Trump: + 1.4 million


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  • Hil forgot the part about the Presidential Election really being a combination of smaller races. Good thing, too. Colorado and Virginia politics, unfortunately, have been skewed by transplants from places like Cali and Jersey.

    Also, when will dems (like “oldredneck”) learn that phony scandals don’t stick to The Teflon Don?

  • Warmac9999

    My sister has had it with California so there goes another 6 Republicans. The leadership of California is beginning to recognize the problem of far too many people on welfare and far to few large corporations propping up the tax base. Without a vibrant middle class, California is slowly sinking – and not just into the sea.

  • mark Jawsz

    As far as I am concerned, California can go its own jolly way. This used to be a reliably Republican state – not any more. Mexicanization is the root cause.

  • mezurak

    California is a republican state with Big Blue Dots. Those big blue dots shed house rich little blue dots into regions like Portland, Seattle, Boise, and Salt Lake City, where they began to grow into big blue dots. More recently they wound up in South Texas and several Arizona cities. Here in Virginia those little dots came from the house rich Northeastern Big Dots who bought up cheap Virginia houses in the early aughts. Soon enough Virginia will become a republican state with Big Blue Dots. Then you will discover why being a republican in California was a big waste of time.

  • Children Of The Revolution

    California is one severe Depression away from being Republican again. The state was frenzied during 2008 when it couldn’t beg money enough from the federal government to cover its debts, but were saved by money printing. Had that not happened California would now be a different place. Democrats get away with their nonsense in places where people are fat and happy and can afford it, but HUNGER TRUMPS PROGRESSIVISM. When California can’t continue to borrow enough money to cover its ever rising debts conservatives in California will have their day, because it is always conservatives who clean up financial messes that the children make.

  • old_redneck

    DC police report they have received applications to park 200 buses for rump’s inauguration.

    At the same time, they have received 1,200 bus parking applications for the Women’s March taking place the next day.

    • Raymond Carter

      Yeah and they can all stomp their feet, bang their drums and wail “Not My President!” till they’re hoarse and it still doesn’t mean she-it.

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