Support HB 1612: The Physical Privacy Act

Support HB 1612: The Physical Privacy Act
Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William) and wife Cathy

The 'Bob Being Bob' Is Right Bill

When Del. Bob Marshall speaks, the barking moonbats of the Left, Libertarian anti-Deists, Middle of the Road Milquetoasts and affronted Establishment Prigs howl. Oh, how they howl and call names. When it comes to Delegate Bob Marshall’s Physical Privacy Act, HB 1612, all Virginians should cheer him for being right.

Special interest groups, their lobbyists and extremist social theorists want to re-define gender and sexual privacy. They are making up a new sex – Transgender – against the evidence of all science and the history of humankind. They browbeat politicians with accusations of prejudice, discrimination, and hatred when no such animus exists. They mock common sense decency.

Consider their shrill complaints.

• Bigotry, homophobia, transphobia against a vulnerable, protected special class of persons – Transgenders. Except, they’re just making that up as they go along. There are two, count ‘em – 2, genders. It’s settled science. The rare person with abnormal chromosomes and the predominant gender is decided by doctors and parents, isn’t the individual who wants to be a different sex. Transgender is made up. Like homosexual marriage – it’s just pretend. Yet, when pretend is politically correct – the peasants, you proletarian deplorables, had better salute it.

• It can’t stop men from going into the little girls’ room. Except, we can hold government accountable when officials promote men, supposedly transgendered persons, entering private spaces for women.

• It’ll cost Virginia business, like North Carolina. It’ll hurt Republicans. Except, there are men’s and women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and sleeping accommodations on school trips today. It’ll be exactly the same after the bill is law. Anyone who wants to boycott Virginia for keeping men out of the women’s privacy should please do so. Anyone who wants to vote against Republicans, if they have commonsense to pass the bill, should do so, also.

• No one is harmed by men in the women’s private spaces. Except, we have laws against sexual exposure and assault. Children can and will be harmed. How many crimes need to be committed before schools and government are made accountable for actually allowing them?

• It threatens Transgender students. Except, parents have a right to know if their children are so disturbed that they want to be another gender. That shouldn’t be the public school’s little secret.

Read HB 1612:

HB 1612:

• Holds schools and other government entities accountable to parents for any damages caused by letting men and boys go in the bathrooms, locker rooms and overnight bedrooms reserved for the privacy of women and girls.

• States the obvious for the common sense-challenged persons in authority that males and females should use their appropriate facilities with exceptions for minors who need assistance – like a little boy going to the bathroom with his mother.

• Has the Commonwealth recognize in law the settled scientific fact, and common sense knowledge, that there are two genders. The state may not re-define gender facts.

We have great compassion for any child who is so confused that he or she wants to pretend to be the opposite sex. That doesn’t allow for persons of one sex to expose themselves illegally or enter private areas of the opposite sex. The very tiny minority of sexually-disturbed children and adults in Virginia doesn’t justify imposing sexual misconduct on the overwhelming majority.

No one has a “right” to pretend to be a different gender – and make the state pretend, too. No one has the right to create another perpetual, victim identity group as a protected class of persons. Government doesn’t have the right or responsibility to re-define gender.

James Atticus Bowden is Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Virginia First Foundation, an organization focused on creating the best future for the Commonwealth.   The Virginia First Foundation is dedicated to building a future Virginia which supports the rule of law and Constitutionally-limited government in a modern Judeo-Christian culture.  We know that one state can lead others, and we want Virginia to lead the nation in supporting common sense family values. The Virginia First Foundation Inc. is a Non-Profit, IRS Code Section 501(c)(4), incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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  • mark Jawsz

    I strongly suspect that transgender folks are mixed up: head- and hormone-wise. But one thing I do know is that men who think they are women and dress accordingly have been using female bathrooms for decades. This phony issue, so readily embraced by throngs of conservatives, is total bs and is one reason why I now identify more with populists than with conservatives, who make mountains out of molehills, while totally ignoring the real mountains.

    • Children Of The Revolution

      Except that this is not an action, but a reaction. It isn’t like people woke up one day and said .. hey, let’s screw with trans people. School boards and others have been pushing this crap.

      • Children Of The Revolution

        Imagine what you’re great-grandparents would think of the Commonwealth’s legislature having to create a legal definition of “man” and “woman” lol.

        • mezurak

          Most great-grandparents would have been too busy trying to find the physical definition of a man or woman. Sometimes first cousins was the best they could do. Eight to eighty blind crippled or crazy was the legal reality back then. Bob would have been run out of town on a rail.

    • Steve Waters

      Mark, earlier this year in Fairfax County the federal govt tried to enforce that students could use whatever bathroom, locker room or even overnight accommodations on school trips with the gender they identified with at that moment. Now we have schools in VA, that if a student wants to be the opposite sex, school policy is to not inform the parents who have a direct interest in the welfare and education of their children and constantly the other side is pushing harder and harder on this issue.

      The federal issue in Fairfax is to begin teaching our young school children that you are not born male or female. That your gender identity is a lifelong evolution. There are 51 genders the other side is pushing and in some cities outside of Virginia you can be fined for not using the proper pronoun for any one of those 51 genders, fined by the government.

      So indeed we need to get ahead of the ball and draw the line that we will not go there in VA. In fact, local school boards across VA have requested the General Assembly give them direction on this issue.

    • BlueRidgeGirl

      Assuming Mark is a man, it’s interesting he thinks it a molehill when trans perverts enter the women’s room with no mention of the opposite possible scenario. Many men, thanks in large part to feminism’s errors, no longer undertake a responsibilty in protections for women and children. After all, we’re a society that murders babies without batting an eye. How much more so then should concerns rise about the created order of genetically assigned sexes when life is so disposable and acceptance of insanity has become the norm? However, boys/men have certainly not been using the girl’s/women’s rooms “for decades” in the public schools, even though they have been utter cesspools for educating. Christians partaking of said systems and values are complicit in the advancement of these perversions to this extent such that laws must be enacted to ensure the normative.

      • mark Jawsz

        We have a lot MORE SERIOUS problems in public schools than a handful of transgender kids using the female bathroom. We have kids being beat up, we have kids having sex, we have our kids being indoctrinated by left wing teachers for decades, we have kids who graduate barely competent in basic math and reasoning skills, and with all of that FAR MORE SERIOUS crap going on conservatives have been sitting on their asses and saying not a word. BUT, only when it comes to LBGT folks do the social conservatives grow a backbone and speak out. I think social conservatives have their priorities out of whack.

  • mezurak

    This past weekend I saw a male transgendered female person sitting at a table in the Japanese restaurant where we were dining. He looked completely different from the scruffy male bag lady I once saw in Santa Cruz. His facial expressions, speech, and body movements were natural, as if he were a real woman. In fact, I’ve come to believe there is something to that. I think before we go passing more BS laws Virginia should determine once and for all whether there is a genetic sequence that creates such people. Then Bob could take credit for creating more STEM jobs in Virginia while prudently keeping the state’s courts and predator websites reserved for the real criminals.

    • Downstater

      “a male transgendered female person”. So does this mean really a man pretending to be a woman? “male bag lady”?? Whatever this person is, he/she sounds pretty messed up.

  • Connie S.

    I totally support this bill and am only sorry our society has so sunk into moral decay that this is necessary.

    We need to stop pussyfooting around and speak the truth. Normal men respect women and instinctively and chivalrously want to protect them. Men who are degenerate perverts on the otherhand want to violate women’s private space for voyeuristic and exhibitionist reasons.

    President Kennedy’s noble mission was to put a man on the moon. President Obama’s depraved mission was to put men in the women’s restrooms. Look how far we’ve fallen.

    • ChinTurret

      You said pussy. Such decadence.

    • Rocinante

      and that’s why we shouldn’t send women to the moon.

  • Steve Waters

    Mezurak, there’s more to ones sex than their private parts. Meaning, one can never become the opposite sex but only an imposter. DNA, bone density, bone structure, cell structure, etc., etc. are all different between the two sexes.

    • Rocinante

      I think I’ve seen explanations of prominent examples of this. Also relative dimensions of structural ratios.

  • Downstater

    Thanks for having the courage to come out in support of this HB2-style bill. If enough states pass similar measures, then all those vocal liberal companies are going to have to boycott half the country.

    • Children Of The Revolution

      I guess they can’t pull sports tournaments from every state in the union …

  • Franklin Fogle

    For those usual suspects who wish to label Del. Marshall as “Sideshow Bob”, and cheer Gov. McAuliffe for fighting Marshall’s legislation by signing an executive order that prohibits state
    employees, contractors and subcontractors from discrimination against
    people based on their gender identity and sexual orientation”, take a deep breath and digest these tidbits:
    1) In 2009, a sex offender named Richard Rendler was arrested
    for wearing fake breasts and a wig while loitering in a women’s
    restroom in a Campbell, California, shopping center. Rendler had
    previously been arrested on charges of child molestation and indecent
    2) In 2010, Berkeley police arrested Gregorio Hernandez.
    Hernandez had disguised himself as a woman on two separate occasions to
    get inside a UC Berkeley locker room. Once in the locker room,
    Hernandez allegedly used his cell phone to photograph women.
    3) In 2013, Jason Pomare was arrested for cross-dressing in order to gain access to the women’s restroom
    at a Macy’s department store in Palmdale, California. Pomare snuck a
    video camera in to secretly videotape women while they used the
    4) In 2014, Christopher Hambrook—who faked being a transgender person named Jessica—was jailed
    in Toronto, Canada. Hambrook preyed on women at two Toronto shelters,
    and had previously preyed on other women and girls as young as 5 years
    old to as old as 53. Hambrook’s case in particular shows the importance
    of protecting the privacy and safety of some of our most vulnerable
    citizens: the homeless and others who seek emergency shelter. And yet, the Obama administration recently proposed a rule that would impose a “gender identity” mandate here as well.
    5) In 2015, two spying instances were recorded in Virginia—one
    at a mall and one at a Wal-Mart. Both instances involved a man in
    women’s clothing who used a mirror and camera to take pictures of a
    mother and her 5-year-old daughter and a 53-year-old woman while they
    were in neighboring restroom stalls. The suspect wore a pink shirt and a
    long wig to present himself as a woman.
    6) In 2016, a man used a women’s locker room at a public swimming pool
    in Washington state to undress in front of young girls who were
    changing for swim practice. When Seattle Parks and Recreation staff
    asked him to leave, the man claimed that “the law has changed and I have
    a right to be here.” The man was apparently referring to a Washington
    state rule that allows individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds
    with their gender identity. However, the man made no attempt to present
    as a woman.

    • Michael Keith Blankenship

      Don’t confuse people with reality. They would rather live in a fantasy world, and seem content to allow yet more grievance currency to be created.

  • ChinTurret

    Can rational minds please watch the movie that is playing out in NC over this issue? It’s a tragic comedy worth viewing for educational enhancement.

    Not in my Commonwealth!

  • Rocinante

    Makes sense, so watch the Republicans scurry away.

    Ultimate solution is no more public/shared restrooms and all the unintended consequences that come with that.

  • Disciple of Jesus

    Totally support this bill.

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