Transgender Journalist Challenging Delegate Bob Marshall

Transgender Journalist Challenging Delegate Bob Marshall
Danica Roemphoto by Doug Stroud

Two democrat candidates vying to run against Delegate Bob Marshall, a transgender woman and a young sikh

Journalist Danica Roem is challenging Delegate Bob Marshall in Virginia’s 13th district in the House of Delegates.  Roem is a transgender woman who began her change to a woman in 2013.  For 10 years she wrote for the Prince Williams Times covering local issues.

Roem says she has “a progressive heart but a lot of centrist sensibilities.” However her views and policies are right out of the liberal’s handbook.

If elected she would be the first transgender person to be in the House of Delegates.

Also running for the Democrat seat to challenge Delegate Marshall is 24 year old Mansimran Kahlon who hopes to become the first sikh in the House of Delegates.  He moved to Prince William County in 2012 and he owns a trucking company.  More on Kahlon here. 

Delegate Marshall has nothing to worry about.



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  • Agnes

    Journalistic note to Jeanine Martin: In the Associated Press Stylebook, “transgender” is listed but “transgendered” is not. It is an adjective.

    • Jeanine Martin

      Thank you! I’ll correct that.

      • Downstater

        You needn’t bother. Just call it a man pretending to be a woman, or vs. versa.

      • Reinhardt Reganbacker lll

        I thought this was a family oriented blog.

  • Sailblazer

    I guess Bob Marshall will be relieved that they will split the transgendered Sikh vote.

    • mark Jawsz

      That’s funny.

  • Can’t make this up…

  • Downstater

    Okay, I guess we do not have to worry about any real challenge to Bob Marshall…just a phony leftist ploy.

  • Warmac9999

    Ah, yes. Nothing was going to happen to morality and normalcy just because of gay marriage. Must have been that fake news they were talking about in the MSM and Obama administration.

  • mark Jawsz

    A Sikh, a transgender woman, and a Bible Thumper walk into a bar……

    • Warmac9999

      Sikhs are very conservative, and they carry a ceremonial blade.

  • David Dickinson

    It’s a fundraising bonanza. Democrats will use it to put money in the bank. Expect insane press coverage of it.

  • Looks like this could be a knock-down drag-out race …

  • Orca

    Any chance you will tell us what this individuals original name was? Has there been a legal name change recognized by the courts? If not, all coverage should use the legal name of this candidate.

    • Rocinante

      Mansimran Kahlo

    • The Derecho

      For what its worth (not much), Dan, and yes it has been filed with and recognized by the courts.

  • Warmac9999

    New TV show on Fox called “mick” features transgender 6 year old. Depravity continues, and the question who is sicker – the little boy or everyone else associated with the supposed show.

    • Jeanine Martin

      That’s child abuse. Children should never be allowed to make adult decisions. Changing your gender is definitely an adult decision. Kids don’t know what they want for dinner much less what gender they are.

      • Warmac9999

        And yet this “show” will only receive condemnation and attention. Nothing will happen to the parents, the producers, the other actors, or the network. We see these abuses and nothing is done because it is all for show. You have to wonder what this 6 year old will be at 13 or 23 – if his parents keep going with this insanity and depravity, he will be a basket case and end up hating everybody. The abuse of a 6 year old ought to be treated very harshly and, at a minimum, the child ought to be removed from the parents. Maybe a child advocate can sue on his behalf to get some money for the needed psychiatric help.

  • just a wild & crazy RINO

    A liberal Sikh, a transgendered democrat, and a wild & crazy rino walk into a bar.
    The transgendered democrat says he/she knows some great Irish jokes.
    “Before you start” growls this ugly big brute ” you should remember that I am Irish”
    “Not a problem” says the transgendered democrat “I will talk real slow”

  • John Martin

    either is a better choice than Marshall………….I would vote for her in a heart beat

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